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Mimosa Brunch at Vela

"Brunching" is THE THING to do on weekends in New York City. Especially accompanied by mimosas. Some places even offer "bottomless mimosa brunch" - I personally can't drink more than one mimosa on a Sunday otherwise I wouldn't be able to be very productive the rest of the day, so usually just stick to one drink, or even just a cup of tea.

This past Sunday, I went with a friend to Vela in the Upper East Side. The bread and butter was delicious! I'm a firm believer that a restaurant's bread and butter says a lot about it! The bread was flavored with herbs, and the butter was cold but soft - perfect for spreading - and tasted amazing. Vela has an oyster bar, which I would usually dive right into, but decided instead to go with poached eggs, which was accompanied by the perfect tiniest portion of potatoes, a little bit of bacon, and a good portion of salad. It was a perfectly balanced meal and gave me tons of energy for the rest of the day. Which is really what brunch is all about, right?!

And of course a long leisurely brunch is always a great chance to catch up with friends! With so many amazing restaurants in New York that serve brunch, I don't think I'll ever have a regular place. I'm very much enjoying trying out different places in different neighborhoods every weekend.

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Thanks for stopping by! And... BON APPETIT!

By the way... in case you're wondering... I took all these gorgeous pics with my amazing Canon EOS Rebel T5i with an 18-135mm lens.

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